August 13, 2021

The 2nd AI Policy Conference

Technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming society as well as the theory and practice of government interventions. 

Wide application of AI technologies has enormous benefits, but it also presents unprecedented challenges in terms of privacy, cybersecurity, consumer rights and ethics. As societal expectations evolve, lack of clear global rules & slow pace of policy developments in this area present a major challenge to businesses and consumers worldwide. 

In collaboration with

RegHorizon and ETH Zurich’s Center for Law and Economics have partnered since 2019 to create an unbiased platform for a timely multi-stakeholder discussion among policy makers, academia, business and society focussing on challenges that AI technologies pose and exploring relevant policy solutions to address them. 

The 2nd AI Policy Conference continues the multistakeholder dialogue started last year with leading experts to explore the use of public policy and societal engagement to capture the benefits of artificial intelligence, minimize its risks and enhance its adoption.

The Conference offers a unique opportunity for a truly multi-stakeholder exchange among high level policymakers, business leaders, civil society, and academia to discuss and co-create the future of AI policies.