The Future

Nearly thirty contributing scholars provide in-depth analysis, recommendations, and guidance as to the substantive content and procedural posture of the best soft law approaches for AI going forward. At the completion of the three research stages, the overall draft findings and recommendations of the project were presented and debated at a special workshop to provide feedback and guidance on next steps. All the data and published materials produced as part of this project will be made publicly available. With these new freely available resources, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers will be able to make real progress on the central challenges of how to govern AI for the benefit of all.

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  • The 2nd AI Policy Conference

    Technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming society as well as the theory and practice of government interventions.  Wide application of AI technologies has enormous benefits, but it also […]

Research Library

The research library contains links to all publications, media, and mechanisms explored by this project, available to the public. A brief description of the research library.