Soft-Law Governance of Artificial Intelligence

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  • The 2nd AI Policy Conference

    Technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming society as well as the theory and practice of government interventions.  Wide application of AI technologies has enormous benefits, but it also

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  • Incorporating incentives and implementation mechanisms into the governance of artificial intelligence

    There are numerous social, ethical, and safety concerns associated with AI and approaches for managing the risks that accompany them. From a governance perspective, stakeholders can address concerns through legislation

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  • Soft Law Approaches to AI Governance

    Carnegie Council Audio Podcast Transcript: ANJA KASPERSEN: Welcome to this online conversation/podcast, which today will explore the role of soft law in governing emerging technologies. I am very pleased to be

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  • How soft law is used in AI governance

    As an emerging technology, artificial intelligence is pushing regulatory and social boundaries in every corner of the globe. The pace of these changes will stress the ability of public governing institutions at

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  • TPRC Talk

    Artificial Intelligence Moderator: Alex Engler, Brookings Institute Indirect Enforcement of Artificial Intelligence ‘Soft Law,’ Gary E. Marchant, Arizona State University and Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez, Arizona State University

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The Report

Further information on the methodology and analysis of this database’s trends can be found in our project report.